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Evidence of the damage caused by the bombs is everywhere — charred military vehicles and remains of cars bombs have yet to be collected from the city streets.
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The coalition now controls thecountry's ports and air space.
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They’ve won 50 games for the fourth time in team history.
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While steeplechasers tend to peak at around 10, and even the seemingly immortal Red Rum retired at 12, Sam’s venerable mount appears to be still picking up speed.
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Private prisons were supposed to be the saviours of Britain’s crumbling penal system, leading by example to inspire better conditions for prisoners and safer jails
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"There was an occasion when a girl crashed a car into Door 3 and another gave away a trip to Disneyland," Arbelaez recalled
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Licina said the process is just as simple as putting eye drops
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Federal authorities responded by stiffening safety rules, stepping up inspection raids and going after company higher-ups.
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The public expect the same high standards from all prisons, regardless of who runs them
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"We are deeply saddened by the loss of Linsey 'Jade' Berardi, who appeared in Bad Girls Club Season 12," the network said in a statement
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But in every other way Jamaica was a joy
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And that is standing firm, ratcheting up the pressure, until you get a better deal," Netanyahu told CNN
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That freed her from the restrictions of language and let her directly channel her emotions.
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The need for more retirement housing is pressing
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Streib stood in the doorway, saluted Stockings and marched away.
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Duke’s do-everything forward goes against Michigan State’s most versatile athlete, probably at both ends of the floor
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I guess I need more practice, but, yes, I will definitely be able to pass on the recipe.”
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Khloe showcases the Kardashian hair product line perfectly with a stark monochrome outfit and a pop of red on her feet at the Ulta launch
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At some point, we have to say, enough
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Dr Ian Jenkins is the British Museum's expert on classical Greek sculpture
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Yes, we have been tempted, and I can understand why some people have done it, but our friends are here
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The researchers also noted that while there are four main types of ovarian cancer, this increase in risk was only seen in two types
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Militant groups say they are avenging a security crackdown on Islamists, while authorities blame Morsi supporters for the violence.
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"The success of our PGD programme has been really encouraging
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After failing to convince Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall to join the program, Alabama opted for Johnson, who spent 16 seasons as an NBA player and seven more as a coach.
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A look at what critics and others are saying about the Civic concept:
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His talents were essentially those of an illustrator
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Up until November 27 of this year, 179 people had been killed in road traffic accidents, compared to 172 deaths during the same period last year
“I really hope we can make a deal, I’m tired of my country being closed off from the world
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He gives equal play to pianist Jason Moran, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Eric Harland
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“And I look for passionate people, passionate about movement and performing, wanting to give to an audience — that’s so much what we’re about
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I’m also pretty sure that the principal will reverse their “Custer decision” as soon as he or she realizes what a shitstorm this stupid pronouncement has stirred up.
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The Texas Rangers, one of the most injured teams in baseball last year, can already cross off this season after their ace, Yu Darvish, blew out his elbow in the spring
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I'd like to reinvent the GP practice as a club where - with minor or self-limiting illnesses - we help each other to help ourselves, rather than use professional resources unnecessarily.
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"I knew I was going to get a couple of tweets and videos with my name tagged on it, but this has gone viral
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A total of 5 million turkeys are raised at Cooper Farms every single year
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Netanyahu faces an uphill struggle as he takes aim at a deal negotiated by six global powers — the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany — and Iran
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Soldiers left similar inscriptions in tunnels at Arras and Vimy
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She kneels and kisses the holy threshold
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Once the donor and recipient are both cleared by the transplant team, then you set the date for transplantation.”
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Coalition officials accuse the Houthis of hiding among civilians
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Neela Debnath is a member of the Independent's online editorial team
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(between Fifth and Sixth Aves.), from 11 a.m
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“The main towns which Boko Haram occupied are (now) in the hands of the military forces from the three countries (Niger, Nigeria and Chad)