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Somalia's al-Shabab militant group claimed responsibility for the bloodbath, saying it was retribution for Kenya's sending of troops to Somalia to fight the extremists
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Braiding costs a lot more as it takes more time - ranging between 4,000 and 8,000 naira
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I need to be on my toes and performing at a high level otherwise someone takes your spot ,” the 27-year-old said.
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It’s always been that way since Woods won his first green jacket in 1997
The Cadillac division of the 1970s through the 1990s mainly was concerned with market place share, making use of any sales gimmick to boost sales volume, de Nysschen stated
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“The great thing about having babies, as I did, when you’re 85,” she deadpans, “is that you know it’s what you want
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"Naturally parents want to make their child better and occasionally they can unintentionally give young children too much medicine
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It was unclear if Early will be available for the last five games or if he will be added to the long list of injured players, which includes Carmelo Anthony and Jose Calderon
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For the first time in nearly a decade, expectations are running sky high for the Mets
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3, Shut the f--- up (cursing out the cops never ends well)
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That pretty much rules out Apple by both their company name and brand logo.
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Maybe we should all confess our personal taste atrocities in a spirit of openness and cooperation.
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Excess methane gas and flammable coal dust fueled a fireball that raced through the Upper Big Branch mine in southern West Virginia on April 5, 2010, killing 29 men
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"Almost 30,000 women in Europe die from cervical cancer every year because they don't have access to high quality screening programmes
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Up until November 27 of this year, 179 people had been killed in road traffic accidents, compared to 172 deaths during the same period last year
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"For that reason, he'll always be one of the best mentors that I've ever had."
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The study found that by the age of 25, almost one in five of the participants were found to be affected by a current mental health disorder
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Peter's Basilica at the start of the vigil Mass, which precedes the joyous celebration on Easter Sunday commemorating Christ's resurrection after his crucifixion.
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"I did some research on the Signac, and it showed up in a press release by the Savannah College of Art and Design under the same credit line - Mark Landis
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Symptoms include tiredness, shortness of breath, dizziness and swollen ankles and around 10,000 new cases are diagnosed in Ireland every year.
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We just set in place a process to ensure that if there’s a deal, it’s a deal that will stand a test of time that will keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”
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To achieve a good crop, however, the plants need a long growing season, the tubers only bulking up in late autumn
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“It was very big, very noisy, flying low
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So he came, and asked me out to dinner; I wouldn't have assumed someone who'd reached such heights would do that.
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At times, their blows yield what appears to be white chalk powder, suggesting that some of the artefacts are replicas or restored originals.
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"I probably would've died if that happened within the first year of me working on the show
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hey Lee, thanks for talking this girl up, clearly she’s well on her way and I hope that means relocation for her
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“As I get older, I get much more involved in the world around me,” she says.
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We have since heard from many readers with similar problems, some of whom are trying to move their money from one stocks and shares Isas into another
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All spring, Girardi knocked on wood that the Yankees would get to Opening Day with their health intact
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She laid into politicians, company bosses and the media for failing to understand the importance of digital technology.
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"Every day that they are exposed to coal-derived pollutants is a day that their health is in danger
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The famed French Lick Resort, a hotel in an historic town in southern Indiana, issued a statement Friday saying it has "always been open and inclusive" and that the new law won't change that.
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"It's hard to imagine what this totally unexpected turn means to her only child
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Boston (95 points) moved up in the Atlantic Division and dropped Detroit (93 points) into the other wild-card slot
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In the UK, these fundamental drivers underpinning the long-term investment case for farming have been reflected in land prices
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A quarter of us experience serious mental health problems
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"The sea lions and sea birds have been starving since 2013, pelicans since 2010
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Gary Herbert, himself a Mormon, signed the bill.
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—In the months before the crash Lubitz sought help from several doctors, including specialists at Duesseldorf's University Hospital
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The vaccine has mounted an immune response but it is difficult to tell if that amounts to an anti-tumour response if it is already responding to ipilimumab."
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Of the 11 studies, seven looked at the possible link between exposure to the painkiller in the womb and asthma later on
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Aviation Advocacy's Charlton said it would take a gaffe on a par with that made by BP CEO Tony Hayward after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to harm Spohr
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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history
The IFPA's pregnancy counseling service is available to women, girls and couples who experience an unplanned or crisis pregnancy
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For her there was a real relationship between her most fundamental beliefs and her political commitment
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This is a new type of drawdown, along with the new regime, so providers are still working on it.
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Also, the area is home to many important bird species, such as the Henderson petrel (endangered), whose only known breeding spot in the world is on Henderson Island.
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They carried out a major review of 13 trials, which examined the safety and efficacy of paracetamol in the treatment of low back pain, and knee and hip osteoarthritis.
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He recalled the energy Knight brought to practices, preparing his charges for anything that might come up in competition.
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According to them, suspension on moose hunting could provide a chance to moose to grow their population
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This is something we’ve been talking about since day one this season
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Paramedics were called when father Steve Esmond was found unconscious, and the boys, ages 14 and 16, along with their mother, Theresa Devine, were having seizures.
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So I'm just not sure what I'd use an iPad for
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That immediacy is astute — if you had six months to think about it, would a Happy Meal handbag be quite so appealing?
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Earlier in the day she won the Wade Trophy for the first time
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That’s just two things right there, you know the list is much longer than that
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Another issue relates to unaccompanied minors who reach the age of 18
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It looks like families are increasingly conscious of how even small changes can make a big difference
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The RIDE Act has 38 co-sponsors and is sitting in the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade
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He reminds me of Carlos Gomez when he first came up, he had all this talent but was still learning
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Zarif attributed Kerry's action as being aimed at addressing rifts between the Obama administration and Congress over the deal
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The volunteers are a mix of local and out-of-town people.
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However, China’s milk herd is vast, with 14m cows producing 36bn litres of the white stuff annually.
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That might take generations of outplaying the Yankees
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I understand it's a long recovery."
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Announced Thursday, the preliminary deal would roll back Iran's nuclear program and impose strict oversight by the international community in exchange for an end to harsh economic sanctions
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Yes, that’s three times in seven weeks, but truth be told, Rock has been obsessed with cars and cops for years.
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Greenblatt, will be questioned out of the jury's presence before being allowed to testify, in a voir dire session
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This is because the nerves which surround the prostate control a man's ability to have an erection, and these are often damaged during the procedure.
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Hill Air Force Base sits in his congressional district
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Robert Kraft said he was “duped” by Hernandez after he was arrested for allegedly killing Lloyd
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During the twilight hours, walking the track was therapeutic
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"When you're not planning it, it happens
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This time Downton Abbey's creator wanted a 1970s spin-off, there was a campaign to stop Chinese people giving themselves names like Lady Gaga and the Swedes banned unlicensed dancing
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Abdullahi graduated from the University of Nairobi with a law degree in 2013 and was viewed as a "brilliant upcoming lawyer," according to someone who knew him
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Okafor began the season as the presumptive No
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But it’s worth putting up with them for the tax savings
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Impossible to catch up with him.”
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"We have become franker about physique and that trend is developing even now
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For many English voters, this will have been their first real opportunity to see Nicola Sturgeon in action, and many will have been impressed by her quick-footed responses and polemical assurance
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The strike has added to the headaches of Francois Hollande'sunpopular Socialist government
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But to do so under our first past the post voting system is a luxury: better to find out what’s happening in your constituency, and use your vote intelligently.
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Zito was reassigned to minor league camp Saturday after finishing up a solid spring that opened eyes
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After that, there will be some additional end-to-end testing, before we ship out this summer."
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The meal includes a leg of lamb, mint sauce, parsnips, leeks, mangetout, carrots and potatoes with apple strudel for dessert and a bottle of Malbec
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“He looks healthy, he looks like he is throwing well, but his shoulder has to be a concern
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They were 2-8 in the Super Bowl with Elway getting both wins after losing his first three Super Bowls by a combined score of 136-40
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But what makes this game stand out is the science behind it
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He knows folks think the Yankees, winners of five World Series since 1996, are vulnerable
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The report stated Williams refused to submit to a field sobriety test or breath test
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Long-standing and loyal friendships have been lost when literary allegiances clash, so it takes a really brave reader to stand up and speak against tradition and accepted good taste
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“Every issue people in this room care about they” — meaning the Republicans — “ignored
Now, we have children who have become so used to a sedentary lifestyle that they can barely get themselves out of the minibus let alone up a rope ladder
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Our first night in Granada was certainly an experience
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Two Hawaiian community leaders...
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New research suggests one in four Britons are unaware of the changes while 32 per cent are aware but do not understand them, according a report by and My Family Care
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As a teenager, “Gérard was a real fighter,” Alain said