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Blue Bell ice cream on Friday announced the temporary closure of a plant in Oklahoma due to concerns about listeria contamination

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Mine Safety and Health Administration also credits its revamped approach to inspections

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"Aren't we tired of it," Frese said of UConn's dominance

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"I put Maynard Dixon's name on them because that's what the museums wanted," he says

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Cuba’s government has realised that its highly-educated squadrons of medics, pharmacists and biotechnicians are an appealing prospect for international businesses looking to expand

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model, could face up to six months of jail time and a fine of 75,000 euros ($82,000).

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Lucy Brennan, partner at accounts Saffery Champness, warned: “Say a 50 year-old has 500,000 in a pension, makes no further contributions and gets an annual return of 6pc

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A national inspector would make sure that crematoria act in accordance with existing rules

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Could this be as significant a shift for fashion as the birth of the luxury-goods conglomerate was in the Eighties? I think so

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Or perhaps you’re a Scot who wants to see the UK stick together — then the canny choice will be the candidate best-placed to thwart the SNP

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Health information must be provided to anyone using, hiring or buying a sunbed and health warning signs must be clearly displayed.

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Hot on the heels of this merger news last week came the startling announcement that Chanel is gearing up to launch its own e-commerce operation, as early as 2016

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Their love had made them brave, but now it seemed there was nothing left to love

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In many jurisdictions governments use a form of MAT toensure that tax breaks don't pull domestic companies' effectivetax rate below a minimum threshold

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Another 11 countries succeeded in maintaining no cases, including Egypt, Argentina, Iraq, Morocco and Georgia.

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The timing of the attack was embarrassing for Kenyatta, who a day earlier had berated Britain and Australia for issuing travel warnings for Kenya due to security threats.

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Why is Peterson still a hot commodity and Rice is toxic? Because Peterson is a better player and teams will always rationalize employing players when they can still them help win

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No; I refer to your mistress – the boat

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Farmworkers who are at the very low end of the economic scale here are out of work.”

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Lucie to get at-bats in minor-league games

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“I want to reassure the Ballymena community that we are determined to tackle these criminal elements and as such we are committing additional resources over the next few nights

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It is especially important to use a reliever inhaler before going out in damp, frosty conditions

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He will also begin the season on the disabled list

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And one thing is for certain: McIlroy might be trying to complete the career Grand Slam with a third straight major triumph, but the attention is all going to be on Tiger.

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When you ride a horse you pretend you’re at Cheltenham or the Grand National

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“We must break with the militarised (policing) model

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"Finally, it is perhaps best to focus on the family, as it is usual that parents of overweight children are themselves overweight

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commercesaid it had referred a number of MMG board members to the Bureauof Investigation and Public Prosecution over possible violationsof the companies law

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The beautiful thing about such moments in life is that there is so much clarity

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From the front pew a hooded and cloaked figure watches, almost as motionless as the sculptures all around; he is named only as CME, and the parchment represents a vital step in his future

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It might surprise some people to know that they were among the most down-to-earth and humorous of our guests, their dour brown habits giving them a severe appearance that was entirely undeserved

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And you're like, WHAT? Why did the main character die? And you're just super hurt

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In the technique, radioisotopes within rock samples, found along with the remains, are used for determining how long the rocks have been sheltered from sunlight and were buried underground.

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The animated tale picked up$27.4 million in its sophomore frame, pushing its domestic totalto $95.6 million.

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The second lowest rate in this patient category was at the Mater in Dublin, which had a rate of 3.96.

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It takes a long time before you see sunlight poking through the dark fog but never does the pain go as it’s so connected to the love.”

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“When you’re a mixed race actor you don’t really fit in

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If your pension is well funded and you’ve sufficient non-pension savings to live on, think about cutting tax by giving assets away

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“After my last two years, it means the world to be back at a major-league stadium

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"The government hasn't done anything, and even if they have, we don't know about it," he said.

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But discrepancies in the story soon surfaced, and the magazine was forced to retract it.